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ortiz-cartagena (yes. >> commissioner white. yes. >> commissioner yee riley? >> yes. >> commissioners that motion passes 7-0. >> thank you, director dick-endrizzi. >> yes, i wanted to extend a thank you to the puc, even though the lbes in san francisco are not necessarily part of this. but that their commitment to small businesses to make sure that this program extends. so as an entity, i just appreciate your commitment to small businesses. >> thank you. there is a lot of niners and giant fans out there. >> right >> ? [ laughter ] >> next item. >> commissioners you are now on item no. 7, discussion of possible action to adopt a small business commission letter to mayor lee on the cpuc proposal to add 628 area code to the 415 area code service area. this is a discussion and possible action item.
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>> this is something that we discussed at our committee meeting last week. and if you look at your papers, you will see that there is a possible adding of 628 area code as we run out of 415. we discussed many possible alternatives. our committee favored requesting -- well, there were several options. we really feel that the idea of only giving the eastern part of san francisco 415 and transitioning everyone else to 628, along with marin is kind of divisive for our city. so we have some other recommendations. chris, do you want to go through those? >> commissioners, thank you. i provided you a written overview and i'm going to
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provide a brief overview and also for the members of the public that are joining us. the california public utilities commission is currently considering several proposals, the 415 area code is nearing exhaustion of its current number of phone number allotments and estimate by 2015 the 415 area code will run out of phone numbers. so the cpuc in conjunction with the national agency are currently seeking public input on several options to alleviate that issue. that option will consist of introducing the 628 area code into the 415 geographic territory. there are two general options that they have. one is a geographic split, where geographically they will split the had 15 area code off and introduce 628 which will allow folks to receive new phone numbers. one of the options that they
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presented and there is a map in your packet. i will put it on the overhead projector for members of the public. sfgovtv, if we could get the overhead, please? as you can see, from the overhead, the geographic split option that they are currently exploring is to split off the eastern side of san francisco, to retain one area code. and western san francisco, northern san mateo county and marin would have a different area code. they haven't specified which would be 628 versus 415, but the proposal is to have this geographic split. this is one option that they have. the other option that they are exploring is called an overlay, where the 628 area code would overlap with the 415 area code
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and essentially new phone numbers as numbers are exhausted and companies pick up new numbers, would pick up 628. they would introduce ten-digit dialing. and that would not necessitate folks to receive new phone numbers. as commissioner dooley referenced, the outreach and economic committee met, and reviewed and prepared a draft letter, which is in your binder, following the maps. and just to kind of outline the letter. the committee recognized the 415 is synonymous with san francisco, is iconic to san francisco and that the brand identity helps attract businesses, retain and grow business. the letter outlines the two alternatives. it proposes a preferred alternative on behalf of the commission, which would have a
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geographic split that retains san francisco as an entirety having the 415 area code and marin would transition to the of 28 area code and there is also estimate to have northern san mateo go to the 62 area code. the commission and this letter recognizes that the 415 may exhaust phone numbers even with this geographic split within the next decade and would recommend a third area code with an overlay option should that occur. the commission also recognizes however that there could be a secondary alternative, which would be the overlay option. which while not preferred would still meet the objectives that we have outlined in the letter. and i hope all of you had a chance to review it. director, i don't know if you have anything to add, but that concludes my presentation. >> do we have any commissioner comments? >> i have some. >> commissioner o'brien?
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>> so i heard in if you do the overlay, first of all, nobody is asked for marketing materials because they keep the numbers that they have. new additional numbers. if you split it, there are two ways that we may split the eastside or we may split it where we stick it to san mateo and stick it to marin. bad choice of words, but basically they take the problem. the issue with that is that we're kind of kicking the can down the road, if we do that, because it will get exhausted. it might get exhausted quicker than ten years with cell phone technology and what not. so i'm kind of thinking it would be better to deal with it now and not have to deal with it
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later. and the overlay sounds very fair to me, because people who have their numbers can keep them. and that is my initial reaction to anyway. it's fair in that everybody will have a ten-digit dialing plan. so you will have a long distance call whether you are in either area. that is any initial reaction anyway. >> commissioner dooley? >> we discussed the idea that in san francisco retained the 4 15, we were acknowledging it would run out. but what we would prefer is to therefore have a new area code assigned exclusively to san francisco at that time. that is one thing that we had felt might work well. because we have such a strong identity as a city and county
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of san francisco, this might be a good time to move that forward. that idea we would retain 415 and add our own overlay >> commissioner dwight? >> so we discussed this at length and i think i agree with you that the overlay, just a straight overlay is the least disruptive to all businesses, because obviously change is expensive. even in the online world you have to change numbers and hunt down everywhere where your number appears, whether it's yelp or any google search. where we came to this position is that the cpuc obviously is considering these two options. and the one option of doing this geographic split is fundamentally flawed. why would you split san francisco in half? that is kind of ridiculous. we think of area code as having some geographic significance. and so we decided that rather
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than rebut the entire suggestion of a geographic split, say, if you are going to geographic split, call all of san francisco 415 and is deploy 628 in the now disenfranchised 4 15 area. and knowing that that would increasing the geography would decrease the runway, which is currently what? 23 years in the subsan francisco geology. maybe it's ten years. we don't know exactly what the number is. when you come in to do another area code, it will be piled right on top of a well-defined area, san francisco. so what we're basically saying is look, cpuc, if these are the two options on the table, fix the one, okay? and make it all of san francisco and anticipate that when it runs out you are going to overlay on san francisco and that all the 628
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area, when that runs out, you will be able to do the same thing. if this is just sort of a red herring. i mean it feels a little weird the way it's presented. if it's just a red herring and they are saying look, we have to get these two ideas out to the public because we can't just go with one idea. then i think the geographic overlay, the straight geographic overlay is acceptable, how to not our preference. because we do feel there is a marketing advantage. there is an identity in the 415. and also have to remember that identity has morphed over the years. 415 used to stretch to palo alto and the peninsula. certainly if we did just the geographic overlay as the geography is today, it would be distinguisheding as an old resident or new resident and that in in and of itself might have cache about it. so
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marketing people spin it however they want, but splitting san francisco in half is ridiculous. so this was sort of to address both proposals and say fix the one. either one of them, if fixed, are acceptable, but we prefer the one where san francisco gets 415. so i think the discussion today, i mean, because we talked about this a lot, more than i just did. [ laughter ] and just to give you that background, so whether -- i mean, definitely change is going to be difficult. but that is going to get vetted at a different level. and so as the representative of a san francisco bis, business, the preference would be that 4 15 is ours. if that is not the case, a straight overlay. the least amount of change is the better. this is not a very logical proposal. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena? >> i definitely agree with us keeping 415. i feel bad for all of those who
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got a tattoo on various body parts. [ laughter ] but is there any distinction between land lines and cell phones as i assume the increased volume of cell phones in the region is widely probably expedited this problem that major cities face? do we know that? >> it's a good question and many people are just bringing -- they have been identified with their original cell phone numbers wherever they happen to be when they got their cell phone. as a matter of fact some people carry that around if you are a new yorker and hanging out in san francisco you take pride in the fact you have a new york area code. so i think that this is sort of a -- we're at a weird time in the deployment of numbers. and the next question, when will you have a four-digit area code, because just about every area code has been designated
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for use and will run out in the next 100 years, if not sooner. i don't know what the answer to that is. this is really a short-term issue here, that is less than 100-year issue. but i think just for the purposes of wading through this material, that the two proposals, they are pretty straightforward. there is a logic to them, how to the one is flawed. >> commissioner riley? >> yes, i agree with commissioner dwight. i think that we should keep 415 and looking at it historically, how adam was changed to 510 and that the peninsula changed to 610. >> 650. >> 650. so how did they do it at that time? so maybe we can -- instead of reinventing the wheel, just go with the same process. >> i would agree. i would like to thank your
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committee, because i thought this was well-thought out. i really like this letter. and i think you guys did a great job. it just makes sense. it's commonsense >> yes. >> any other commissioner comments? let's open this up to public comment? do we have any public comment on item no. 7? area codes. >> no. >> welcome steve. >> thank you. i think commissioner ortiz had the right idea. cell phones seem to be proliferating all over the place. why don't all new cell phones have the new area code? i get people's business codes that have 415 for their business and some other area code for their cell phone. it's quite common. and i think also what happens is a lot of people from san
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francisco take their 415 number. my two children live in san diego now, but their cell phones are still 415 down there. so i think it would be very easy for any business to add a cell phone with a different area code, and maintain that phone number that they have always had as 415. i think that is the right idea going forward. thank you. >> thank you. any other members of the public that would like to comment on item no. 7? seeing none, item no. 7 is closed. commissioners? >> well number portability is also legislated that you are allowed to take your number with you. i don't think we want to make any recommendations that discusses number portability. i don't think we have to suggest that. that is a great suggestion and
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observation about how people are moving around now. obviously the 415 number and every number is dispersed now all over the place, because people take their numbers with them that. is just part of the way it's done. i think for our purposes here and they will work out the details. they looking at what is the horizon before this thing rears its ugly head again. so i think the letter as chris as drafted it, logically addresses the issues as they exist today. we'll be talking about this or next generations of commissioners will be talking about this down the road. >> if i could take this opportunity for members of the public, on january 16th, at 2:00 p.m. at the state building, there will be a cpuc meeting to address. two meetings. one is a meeting at 2:00 p.m. for local jurisdictions. the
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other meeting is a public meeting 7:00 p.m., california public utilities commission auditorium and at that time they will be taking public comment. >> that is a great time to bring up some of these other issues with the experts from cpuc. >> so we feel pretty happy in our committee with this letter. so i would like to move that we send this letter to the mayor. >> just one comment. going back to the reference, i remember growing up when the bay area was 415 and the bay was known as 415. the reason i think the split among cities works so well, because each city got its own identity. the east bay, 925. everybody gets a sense of pride to their region.
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obviously, i want to keep 415 at all costs, but mathematically in the future it might be a problem. what about via districts? if we ever go to four digits, 415 and then your district or something like kind of give you a sense of something. because i don't know, it's not going to sit very well with people. >> well, i think, we really can't anticipate what happens post-415 right now. whether they went to an x4 15 with a digit in front of it or find an unused area code. i think our proposal is the most favorable to maintaining a geographic identity to san francisco, 415 for all those with 415 in their name and url and perhaps tattooed somewhere on their bodies. [ laughter ] >> there is even a small business 415 clothing. >> yes, south of market.
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>> so i think this is the most -- this addressing the issues that are on the table presently. i agree with you, the debate is going to come up with the folks north, who say we don't want to change. it's going to cost us money and why not do a geographic overlay. that is probably already going to vet itself at this meeting coming up and subsequently. so we'll watch how that plays out. the fact of the matter it doesn't change for san francisco one way or the other. we're going to get an overlay one way or another, because the numbers will run out, whether it's 20 years or 10 years. no matter how they do this, there are going to be two area codes in san francisco. we would just like it to be able of san francisco has the two area codes and stage it one after the other, rather than splitting it in half. >> i want to thank you, because i know it's not an easy task. >> our idea would be when the time comes we would establish
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the city and county of san francisco and if they want to give us, you know, whatever -- that at least that will be identified, like a new york city, they have more codes now, but we all know that those are new york city codes. that is what we're suggesting is that this is a good time to make the city and county one unified area. >> we would have to market our new 415 number, whatever that number would be. >> right. >> the same old 415, but better. >> is that a motion? >> i would like to make a motion that we approve this letter, and send this on from our commission to mayor lee, who is asking for feedback from our commission and i would move that we do it via this letter. >> i second that motion. >> roll call, chris. >> commissioners, we have a
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motion from commissioner dooley adopt the letter and send to mayor lee and seconded by commissioner ortiz-cartagena. on that motion roll call (roll call vote ) >> commissioners that motion passes 7-0. >> that is pretty well thought out. >> a very good job. >> should have been at our meeting. [ laughter ] >> next item. >> commissioners, item 8, election of the president of the small business commission. allows the commissioners to elect a member of the commission to serve as president of the commission, requires a motion and vote. >> commissioner o'brien? >> director, would you like me
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to read the procedures into the record? >> no, will you please read the procedures. commissioner issues will read the procedures into the record. the commission will vote on president followed by vice president. for each position the secretary will call for nominations. the next nominees will provide statements and other commissioners will make comments. following this, the commission will hold public comments, finally the secretary will take a roll call vote in the order of those nominated. the first commissioner who receives four votes for each respective officer position will hold office for the next 12 months. if nobody does, the process will be re-opened and the process will be repeated. i have a tracking sheet that will be used to track the votes. >> commissioner o'brien? >> so at this point we can nominate, right? >> make the nominations. >> well, i have been vice president for this past year
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working beside president adams. and i would have to confess that steve has been even more dedicated than myself to the small business commission. i know small business week he probably puts in the equivalent of -- well, i won't speak for the other commissioners, but he certainly puts in a lot more than i have put in because of time con [stra-eupbts/]s. constraints and i don't recall him missing one meeting during the year he has been president. i like the way he has conducted the meetings and been very professional. i'm delighted to think that there is a possibility that he would continue that good work and i know he is already in the process of prepping us for small business week 2013. so i would really like to nominate steve adams to be our president for the upcoming year.
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>> any other nominations? public comment? >> actually, commissioners, the next in order would be for the nominees to provide a statement. >> well, thank you, luke and i would be honored to serve another year as president. yes, i am involved with small business week and the one thing that is my passion is the neighborhood business corridors. we're seeing more and more involvement by a lot of our neighborhood merchant corridors, especially in last few years. and like last week we did the awards last week, which i attended. the winner was the lower haight merchant association. and i just get a thrill out of see some of these newer organizations getting involved in small business issues. so i
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would like to really continue on with that and working with mayor lee's office, because the biggest challenge, i think, which is a good challenge is the implementation of proposition e that passed. so that is it. >> thank you, mr. president. the next item would be commissioner comments? >> i would like to say how much i agree with mr. o'brien, commissioner o'brien that steve adams is a great president. he is a great leader. he is very fair-minded. he worked really hard and he deserves a second term. >> here, here. >> public comment? >> at this time, public comment. >> on what? >> this is for the election of the president position.
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>> i want to comment on small business. >> we'll have general public comment shortly. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners, at this time, we'll have a roll call vote in order of those nominated. in this case we have the first and only nominee is stephen adams nominated by vice president o'brien, and for this purpose there is no second necessary. so if you would like i can go ahead and call the roll call. >> go ahead. >> and this would just be at this time you would just -- when i call roll call just state the name of the person you would like to select for president. >> commissioner adams? >> adams. >> [ laughter ] >> commissioner dooley? >> adams. >> commissioner dwight? >> i vote for adams. >> commissioner o'brien? >> commissioner adams. commissioner ortiz-cartagena? >> adams >> commissioner white? >> adams >> commissioner yee riley? >> adams. >> that motion passes 7-0.
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>> thank you. >> congratulations. [ applause ] >> commissioners, would you like next item? >> next item, please >> item 9, election of vice president of the small business commission. allows the commission to elect a member of commission to serve as vice president of the commission and requires a motion and vote. at this time, with your discretion, i guess the first item would be to open nominations. >> open nominations for vice president. commissioner riley? >> i would like to nominate commissioner white to be the vice president. i think it's good to have new blood to serve on the leadership role and commissioner white has been very active and very enthusiastic and comes to all the meetings with a lot of great ideas. i think it would be great for you to serve as vice president. >> thank you. >> any other commissioner
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comments? commissioner o'brien? >> i would just like to weigh in. i have enjoyed -- >> pardon me at this time we have the nominee make a statement. >> sorry >> no problem. >> i would like to thank you for the nomination. i'm a fairly new commissioner as you know, so i look forward to taking this role and working with commissioner adams and learning a lot more about my role here. and thank you very much. >> now we'll move on to commissioner comments? >> okay, i was just going to say that i have enjoyed having you on the commission and i think most of my fellow commissioners would agree that we are a very strong, cohesive force now that can find a lot of common ground together. and i have thought that you have been very focused and very incisive on the issues. i remember a couple of times where i heard you make comments
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that i hadn't seen an angle to something and i thought it was great to have somebody point something out that i hadn't spotted myself. i would be delighted to see you as the vice president. >> commissioner dooley? >> i also am very enthusiastic about commissioner white becoming the vice president. it's been a long time since a supervisorial appointee has held an executive position and i'm delighted to see monetta take on that role. i am just very happy with that decision. thank you. >> i would like to say that you are a pleasure to work with, and as a restaurant owner, small business owner in the fillmore, you come up with a lot of ideas, and i am just really looking forward to working with you. >> yes. >> at this time,

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